Meltdowns on the horizon

Yesterday was the first day that we saw the meltdowns show signs of returning.  The boys were supposed to be sharing animal crackers,  but instead,  Gavin took them over and ate 90% of what was there,  all by himself.

He didn’t like being held accountable and so he began to kind of freak out.

This sent the two E’s running for cover and the stress level of the entire house, skyrocket.

Having said that,  Gavin began deep breathing and made the choice to go lay down,  instead of melting down. Good job Gavin.

As time goes on,  we are beginning to see the possibility of meltdowns looming on the horizon. Hopefully,  Gavin will continue to make better choices.

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       -Lost and Tired

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Rob Gorski

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Great Job Gavin!!!! It seems like Gavin is learning how to self regulate and learning coping skills. As for the animal crackers, next time can you give each of the boys a cup, container or bag with the crackers in it, so they each have their own and there is a clearly set defined amount of how much is theirs to eat. You could even buy plastic cups to use as snack cups or bowls, Let each boy pick their cup or bowl, and let them decorate it with permenant markers, and write their name on it. The same can be done with zip lock bags, just wirite their name on it, or they make reusable snack bags you can buy, each boy could have a different design.