What do you do when you feel completely overwhelmed? -

What do you do when you feel completely overwhelmed?

I was wondering what you do when you feel completely overwhelmed by life,  parenting, bills or anything else?

I tend to write,  as you are no doubt aware. I find that writing helps to center me and put things into perspective.  The other thing I do is walking.  I try really hard to walk every single day,  at least 3-5 miles.  Not only does this help improve my health but it’s a physical exertion and that really helps to burn off stress and other negative energy. 

What kids of thing do you do?

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       -Lost and Tired

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Prayer, music and walking, but also by getting back to basics and appreciating the small things in life such as the sun on my face.


Yes, I too can lose my temper when overwhelmed, and that comes easy, I think because I have had sensory processing disorder since I was a child, and thyroid problems make it worse. I try to exercise, but find having some real life friends who also have autistic boys really helps. They get it and often go through similar things. I also like to write fiction, which is a great escape for me.  I also journal quite a bit, especially when overwhelmed  or upset about something. That also helps center me.


 @rmagliozzi I think we all can at times…


As a mom of 4 kids and 9 small pets, being overwhelmed comes easily. I usually get angry and yell when overwhelmed. Not my best character trait. When I get the chance I enjoy some alone time but it is a double edged sword because when I come back from that time my kids are clinging to me and telling me how awful their time with daddy was.


 @JenniferWhynott Your only human and sounds to me like you're doing the best you can in a difficult situation. 🙂


Eating well,praying,walking,massage and streching ,listening to uplifting music,(keith green,casting crowns,mercy me,)talking to someone that understands and let's you show the good,bad and ugly(and thinks your great anyway) I have a few friends that have talked me off more ledges than I care to remember. And telling others that I too have thought it,screamed it,cried it ,and prayed it and I am still here.  Gloria


 @ChrisCrane Those are great ideas. 🙂


When I am overwhelmed I write, go on Facebook, or lay under my weighted blanket. 🙂


I rearrange furniture… in my tiny house that often means swapping rooms around (bedrooms, living room/dining room, etc). If I don't have time/ability to do that (I also have fibromyalgia) I switch around the kitchen cupboards or pantry and give everything a good clean. It makes me feel like I have some control over my life again, even when the kids are screaming, bills are unpaid and life seems utterly impossible to navigate.


That's really interesting. I used to do the exact same thing and it drove my wife crazy. When I changed my environment, it felt like it was a new start, which I think goes back to the whole control thing.

Thank you for sharing that… 😉

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