Autism in "Real Life": Meet Jill -

Autism in “Real Life”: Meet Jill

Here at the “Lost and Tired” blog my goal is to spread awareness and make connections with other families. One of the new things I have started is Autism in “Real Life”. This is were people from the community volunteer to share their story about how Autism has touched their lives. I ask a few questions and they answer honestly. This allows the world to see Autism through their eyes.


Autism in “Real Life”

I would like you all to meet Jill and her family. Jill is a mother of 2 with 1 on the spectrum. She is also the author of “Yeah, Good Times“. This is an absolutely fantastic blog. She is currently ranked #4 on “Top Mommy Blogs“. You should really stop by and give it a read. Lizze and I did and now we are both quite addicted.. On a side note Lizze can only read in spurts because she is still recovering from surgery and laughing hurts. It’s just THAT good everyone. GO READ IT…

In case you missed the above link here is a button to her blog as well:

I asked Jill a few questions about how Autism has touched her life and the following is that brief interview.

(Lost and Tired): How has Autism touched your life?

(Jill): My oldest son, who is 9, has autism.

(Lost and Tired): How long has Autism touched your life?

(Jill): He was diagnosed at 2 1/2 so it’s been almost 7 years now! Wow.

(Lost and Tired): What type of impact does Autism have on your family’s life?

(Jill): He is mildly on the spectrum so we’re fortunate that our daily lives are not adversely impacted by his autism. I would say the biggest impact it has had has been to force me to make a change in my expectations about what I thought parenting was going to be like. I learned pretty early on that I was not in charge of things, that autism was, and as soon as I realized that and then changed the way I did things, it made everything easier.

(Lost and Tired): What types of sacrifices have you had to make?

(Jill): Again, we’ve been lucky in that we haven’t had to make any huge changes in our lives, other than in our attitudes and in our expectations about what parenting was supposed to be.

(Lost and Tired): What kind of “toll” or long term effects if any has Autism had on your family (financial, emotional, physical, sect)?

(Jill): It really hasn’t, to be honest. It has forced me to change a lot about myself, it has been a big fight with various agencies to get services, but it doesn’t feel like a “toll” to me. It’s just something I do for my son.

(Lost and Tired): If you could make people understand 1 thing about Autism, what would that be and why?

(Jill): That people with autism are nothing like Rainman. They just think differently than how you’re used to people thinking, but please don’t assume that because they have the diagnosis that means they aren’t smart, that they don’t think, that they can’t communicate, that they have some special savant ability. Please get to know them as individuals and you’ll find that your preconceived notions are just wrong.


I want Thank Jill for having the courage to share her story.  I also want to encourage everyone to share there stories as well. If you would like to do that here on the “lost and Tired” blog please send an email to: and I will arrange for that to happen.

Please join our Facebook group:  “Autism touches my heart” . This is a gathering of parents who “get it”. We support each other with out judgment. It’s a great place to go and vent and or share your story. Connect with others in a similar situation. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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Big Daddy

Jill sounds lovely. I might just have to check out her blog. Hope she as delightful over there as she was here. Some mommy bloggers can be so crude and profane. Jill seems like a breath of fresh air in that regard.


I don't know you, but for some reason I want to punch you


Jill is one of my favorite blogger pals. Great choice 🙂

Lynn is awesome too. Check her out too, unless, again, you'd prefer not to laugh.


Love Jill and love this blog- thanks for the link over here Jill 🙂 Now a follower 🙂


Thanks Rob! And Lizzie, don't hurt yourself!! STAY AWAY!!


Love Jill! But, yes, you will definitely want to avoid her if for any reason it hurts when you laugh.

Lost and Tired

I love, love, love her blog… 🙂

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