Absolute Anxiety -

Absolute Anxiety

Elliott is having a really rough time.  He’s so tightly wound right now that he freaks out over everything.  Lizze and I have spent all day putting out fires,  figuratively of course.

He’s crying over every little thing.

Once he gets going,  he carries on perpetually. There is a huge difference between what he’s doing compared to just being difficult. 

My heart goes out to him because he is really struggling.  Having said that,  he absolutely tries my patience. 

If he’s not crying about something,  he literally bouncing off of everything going else. These anxiety medications can’t come soon enough.  I would love to get this back under control before school starts.

I think would be in his best interest. 

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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I hope he can figure out how to calm down or let it go a bit. My youngest with PANDAS is having anxiety and bouncing off the walls too! I think I made him three different sandwiches today before I finally gave up. Each one was not perfect, so he wouldn't touch it. He also cried for over 10 minutes because I would not go to the carwash today. 


 @rmagliozzi That is Elliott. It's amazing sometimes, how similar our profoundly different children can be.


All I can say is HUGS to you all and to Elliot! Anxiety is not fun!


@Chloe123 thanks Chloe, he really is miserable.


 @lostandtired  @Chloe123 I know the feeling. It is miserable. I wish I had an answer to make it better for him and you, but I really haven't found one, other than meds. But sometimes you just have to wade it out. 

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