A boy with #Autism and his dog

I wanted to share with you all,  a photo compilation of Emmett’s recent journey with his dog Bella.  For those new to our story,  Bella is Emmett’s pseudo service dog. 

She’s a pure breed Boxer puppy and just had surgery.  It wasn’t anything major,  as she was simply getting spade. 

However,  it turned into a much bigger deal when she had a very difficult time recovering.  She was back and forth to the Vet’s office 4 or 5 times,  due to complications. 

The problem ended up being that she was so dedicated to Emmett,  that she wouldn’t allow herself to rest.  She was hypervigilant and Gavin’s numerous tantrums didn’t help matters.

Thankfully, as of yesterday,  she has made a full recovery and had her stitches removed. 

Below,  is a series of pictures from our 10 day journey. This is a boy with #Autism and his dog. 🙂


**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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Great pictures, and boxers are the best! We got one of our own, they are really great with kids in general. 


@kat13 thanks. Bella has made such a difference in Emmett’s life.


 @lostandtired  My daughter actually is more after the cats for some reason! Really crazy about it. We have two dogs, which is likes, but not super crazy about. We all have allergies to the cats in general, so I had always diverted from getting one for her. 
However, couple of months ago, a stay cat adopted us, and none of us react to it. So that definitely make a huge difference for Angela! She is absolutely in love with that cat!


@kat13 animals are amazing for kids in general, but especially those touched by Autism. 🙂

Thanks for sharing.