By setting the bar a little lower today, I can celebrate a parenting victory :) -

By setting the bar a little lower today, I can celebrate a parenting victory :)

I’m going shoot straight with you here, not that I ever do anything else. . ☺

I think that sometimes we set our expectations a little too high for ourselves as parents. On occasion, we need to pat ourselves on the back and celebrate a job well done. 

Friday wasn’t an overwhelmingly awesome day. 

The boys have been sick and cooped up with each other for a week now.  I probably don’t really need to go into anymore of an explanation.  I’m sure you can use your imagination and not be too far off target.  lol.

Elliott and Emmett were literally bouncing off of everything in sight, all day long.

They’re still sick but that wasn’t slowing them down.  It was a, the boys are going to drive Daddy completely insane kinda day. 

In order to pull a smidgen of positivity out of the day, I’m going to lower the bar a bit and simply celebrate the fact that despite their best attempts, my kids didn’t break me today…  ☺ 💜
While I could hear the crazy train pulling into the station, I never got on it… 

Yay me..  ☺

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