Can a dog have PICA?

I’ll spare you the pictures but Bella has been puking up sticks all morning.  That’s right, sticks.

Bella eats everything she can fit into her mouth.  She has tons of toys and gets plenty of food each day.

I have found Crayola poop outside, on more than one occasion. She loves to eat crayons.

We do our best to keep her from doing this stuff but when she goes outside,  she literally rips branches off of the small trees and bushes.

I’ve no previous experience with Boxers.  Is this normal?

**Thanks for reading**

       -Lost and Tired

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@reonyea I've been taking her on my 5 miles walks in the evening 🙂


Hey, I know you guys are really flat out busy, so it occurred to me that maybe she wants longer walks? We walk our boxer/pointer cross for an hour or so twice a day, and when we skip a walk (he'd cut his paw on some glass) he chews stuff (oh, kitchen utensils, how we miss you…)


@reonyea she isn't walked enough but she plays outside with our other dog quite a bit


 @lostandtired  @reonyea That could well be the problem then, although playing with Maggie probably does help a lot. I know you guys adore your dogs, and you can see they're well taken care of just by looking at them, but I think this may be a situation you're stuck with because you just don't have the chance to walk her for longer. Does she have a kong, or any toys where she needs to work hard to get food? It might ease things a little.
(I think Bella and my boy Floyd would be great friends if they didn't live on opposite sides of the Atlantic!)


I have heard of owners sprinkling cayenne pepper on things they don't want their dogs to eat outside.  At least the crayons are non-toxic!  Good luck!


@AshleyJensen that's a good idea 🙂


My family had several boxers. 2 of them were outside only so I can't say for them. I don't remember this being a problem. We have 3 small dogs and they eat crayons and stuff out of the trash all the time. I laughed when you talked about crayols poop because we have that here too!!! My mantra is if it isn't the kids it's the pets. Never a dull moment here. Did you happen to mention it to the vet when you had her spayed? You might want to put a call in. She may possibly have a small piece stuck in her throat. I do know that we had one who would eat huge chunks of rawhide and would choke on them and we would have to do down her throat and pull it out. It was awful and because of that I NEVER give dogs rawhide


@JenniferWhynott we have the same issues with rawhide. The problem on our end is the dogs get a bit aggressive with them.


 @hudginsvicky Thank you. I really appreciate it 🙂


I have a basset hound mix who used to eat everything when he was a puppy, including soda cans when he could find them. He ate every plant in my carefully landscaped yard. He still has a special fondness for my husband's orange earplugs. One Fourth of July he ate a three pound package of frozen hot dogs that were on the counter defrosting! (Bassets are famous for this kind of behavior.)
Make sure you don't have any poisonous plants where Bella can find and reach them. I'll ask my friend who raises boxers… I do know they can be very sensitive when it comes to health issues, and since Bella is a purebred, it's probably a good idea to find out what's going on. She could perforate her bowels with sticks.