We had a really good morning but….. 

I have to give props to because he did an amazing job in regards to getting ready for . More often than not, Elliott struggles in the morning. He tends not to cooperate and usually drags his feet. 

Like I said, this morning was very different and I’m so proud of him. ☺ 

Unfortunately, that’s where the ends because I have a sick kiddo home from school in the form of Mr. Emmett. He woke up with his tummy still upset. 

Last night before bed, and I agreed that if he woke up not feeling well, we weren’t going to push him. 

I took Elliott to school and Emmett stayed in bed. As the morning goes on though, he does seem to feel a little bit better. I don’t know if he needs to go potty or if it’s something else altogether but either way, I hope he feels better soon.  

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