Almost admitted but home again :-)

Lizze just arrived home from the hospital. I was with her for the first couple of hours. Her parents met me at the hospital and we traded jobs. I took the boys home and out them to bed and they stayed with Lizze and brought her home. In a nutshell, they treated Lizze well and not like someone who was seeking drugs. 🙂 They gave her 2 rounds of morphine and a CT scan, which turned out to be normal. In fact, they almost didn’t release her tonight because her blood pressure was so low. Morphine lowers blood pressure but this was related to an autonomic issue that Lizze is going to be evaluated for at the Cleveland Clinic very soon. She’s feeling pretty good right now. I’m praying that this will actually break this 7 or 8 month old migraine and stop the cycle. Thank you all for keeping Lizze in your thoughts and prayers tonight. 🙂

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I'm so glad to hear that Lizze is feeling a little better!  I made sure to check in this morning for an update.


@rmagliozzi thank you 🙂


@KeelyCorinneMiller thank you 🙂


I am so glad she got some relief finally. Poor girl just can't get a break with those migraines! I pray you all can get to the bottom of this and get her the right treatment so she can start feeling better all the time.


Praying the doses of morphine kicked that nasty old migraines booty. I have them frequently and they are awful. I am glad they treated her well and that she is going to Cleveland to be evaluated. You are all in my prayers. I pray you have a quiet restful night and rest of the week.