Behavioral update: 08/26/2012

I wanted to update you on Gavin’s current behavioral status.  I’m pleased to say that he’s been doing pretty well.  At least as far as the tantrums go.

We are having less serious issues right now like not listening.

He’s not following directions and seems to just do what he wants,  regardless of what we say.

We are choosing our battles very carefully right now. There isn’t a great surplus of energy lying around to deal with the tantrums that would result from holding him accountable more often.

Right now it’s more about survival…..

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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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I just remembered something as I was sitting here and can hear my 19 yr old son and pal playing video games. My son needs to be "entertained" or mentally stimulated ALL the Time. You have mentioned Gavin's incessant babbling, well I get 1,000 questions each morning if his buddy is still sleeping. The conundrum is that my son needs to be physically and mentally stimulated WITHOUT sensory overload. I know that you are dealing with an a horse of an entirely different color but I thought I could share this.  A safe indoor game might help get some wiggles out and all the boys can do this one. Grab some yarn, lots of it. String it up in a narrow hallway to look like laser beams at the museum. The object is for the boys to make it from on end to the other without tripping the alarm. (limbo and Chinese jump rope comes to mind) The yarn can be dipped in baby powder to avoid the arguments that they did not touch it. This is a game that they all can play and many times too! I bet it is even a good OT for them somehow. If you do this I would love to see some pictures.