Keeping an eye on Gavin because he’s not doing well tonight

Gavin isn’t doing so well this evening. Everything was fine until an hour after he went to bed. He came downstairs in a lot of pain, feeling nauseated and convinced he was going to throw up.

We told him if he thinks he needs to puke, he needs to be in the bathroom.

If he was going to puke, we didn’t want to give him his meds if he was going to puke them right back up. He went to the bathroom and then took himself back to bed, without letting us know.

I’ve been keeping an eye on him through our Ping Camera, provided by the Vivint Gives Back program.

We’re able to watch and listen from wherever we are in the house.

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Gavin is currently sleeping and we aren’t about to wake him up to give him his nausea meds if he’s already sleeping. I don’t know why he was feeling so sick tonight but at least he’s resting comfortably and hopefully will remain that way all night.

In the event he wakes up and isn’t feel well, I’m going to have his nausea meds on my nightstand. I’d rather be prepared, so I can react if he needs anything, but again, I’m hoping he just sleeps.

The reason we have to take this so seriously is because it’s so easy for Gavin to rapidly dehydrate and that can trigger a life threatening autonomic crisis. That’s why we have nausea meds for him because we have to stop him from vomiting.

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For now, I’ll keep an eye on him throughout the night. I’ll leave my tablet on, streaming live video through the Ping Camera in his room. This way I can react right away, even if he doesn’t come get us.