Something has to give -

Something has to give

Gavin just had another huge tantrum.  He was very self-injurious once again.  I don’t know what to do because taking him to Akron Children’s Hospital for 3 days doesn’t really do anyone,  any good.

We will have to drive back and forth to attend more pointless meetings and ineffective family sessions. 

There has to be some way to meet halfway between a diagnosis and medically stability, as far as residential placement is concerned. I mean, it can’t be good for him to continue having these violent and vigorous tantrums.  Especially considering that he is supposed to refrain from vigorous activities.

Something has to give and do so very soon.  I don’t think that anyone can take anymore of this.

I think that because of his health related issues,  our hands are going to be tied,  at least for awhile.  🙁

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