Not like other kids

Gavin is simply in rare form today.  We almost had another tantrum this morning because we corrected him for yelling at his little brothers. 

Again,  Gavin was only concerned with the fact that he was in trouble and not that he had done something wrong or scared his brothers. 

I can’t explain just how difficult it is to discipline a child that simply doesn’t care.

Brothers yell at each other right? That’s pretty typical.  However, Gavin is not even close to being your typical child.  It’s way to easy for Gavin to fly of the handle and do something that causes injury to those around him,  never mind himself. 

We have to stop this as soon as it happens, in order to ensure everyone’s safety.  The problem is that if we correct him,  even if we very carefully pick our battles,  he will freak out upon receiving the consequences of his actions.

As a result of being corrected way too many times this morning alone,  Gavin will lose his choice for lunch and instead be given the default….a bowl of oatmeal and some fruit.

Needless to say,  he’s not very happy and made sure that everyone in the house knew that. 

I can’t even remember what day it is at this point.  All I know is that I’m pretty sure it’s not Monday.  I mean,  thank God it’s not Monday.  I don’t think I would survive a drive through this week.  🙁

This was posted via WordPress for Android, courtesy of Samsung’s Galaxy S III. Please forgive any typos. I do know how to spell but auto-correct hate me.

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It's Thursday. 🙂 Hang in there, and with any luck, you'll get some help on Operation Hope!