Will you be vaccinating for Whooping Cough?

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With Whooping Cough coming back with a vengeance,  the CDC now recommends booster shots in order to help keep you and your family safe. 

Whooping cough has already been declared epidemics on the west coast and most of the USA is reporting significant increases in infections. 

I want to get a feel for how the community is reacting to this advice. 

Are you concerned about Whooping Cough? Have you spoken with your doctor to get the facts?  Do you think that you will get vaccinated?  What about your kids?

How do you feel about this in general?

Please keep this respectful and treat each other with respect.  🙂

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Mary Franzen Costell

@DLaubacher, lost and tired has much more experience than I, but we do have our share of blood draws and shots.Ethan has really deep veins, so it often takes a lot of pokes and a lot of digging to get a vein. Our ped. Prescribed a powerful numbing cream we apply and cover ith Saran wrap at least an our before draws. Additionally we have a DVD player with a favored movie to distract. Our dr. Gives the hospital a heads up so we get the best. I also tell them not to try to calm him. The more they talk and reassure, the more upset he gets. Lamaze breathing helps sometimes too.


@Mary Franzen Costello talk to your doctor about a numbing cream. Gavin was prescribed this for his infusions. It's sorta like lidocaine and it completely nubs the


@Mary Franzen Costello it's numbs the entire area for at least an hour. Gavin feels nothing. I tried it as well and nothing can be felt at all.

Mary Franzen Costell

@lostandtired thats what we use. It's Awesome! Funny, the Saran wrap freaks him out so we cover it with ace bandage. Then he's just fine. Special needs parenting is very creative.


My question is "how do the vaccinations even go with our special needs kids"??  How are people accomplishing this?  It's a HUGE trauma for a couple of mine to be vaccinated, basically held down-restrained to do it in our case. I hate that 🙁   But still, we do vaccinate.  If our health care physician feels we need the booster, than we will likely do that….but oh, I can't bear even thinking about it now.  I have one child that is o.k. with blood draws and needles, but another who totally freaks out and it's a MAJOR event.   I would guess that with some children (non-vaccinated) in the special needs community, it's because it can be so difficult to do so with them.  Everything can be so difficult in the way of regular healthcare for them…..don't start me on regular dental visits…..ugh….


@DLaubacher trust me, I can relate. When it takes 8 people to give a shot, it's traumatic for everyone.


 @DLaubacher What I do is a head of this give out her the whole plan of action. Like how many exactly shots she is getting, what are they for, etc. It helps her mentally to be ready for the procedure and know what to expect. That lowers an anxiety level a little. 
Secondly, I do bride her ahead of the time too… It is something as simple as going for a cone of ice cream at the Baskin-Robbins. And knowing that after something she really dislikes to do coming something super exciting, that takes her mind of the bad stuff. If I don't do it, or it was more of the emergency basis, then yes potentially extra help needed to restrain her…
But lately, bribing with something fun and enjoyable to her, even emergency procedures are getting better. 


No, my little one already had one just this past year and we rushed to the ER without knowing what a heck it was! It was scary, but at least we are more knowledgeable about it. No one else in the household got sick with it either. 


@kat13 I'm glad they're okay. 🙂


 @A13xiaH WOW…..She got over it in a few days. You're right, scary but lucky. Most people have a much, much more difficult time overcoming that. Thank you for sharing. People need to read things like this.


If we are due for the shot then, yes, we will get it. We had gotten vaccinated and my daughter Olena (who is NT) DID end up getting Pertussis anyway… It took the doctors in the ER 24 hours to figure out exactly what she had, and she ended up being sick for days. She was already compromised due to scarring in her airway from being a preemie.So, yes, we will vaccinate if we need to. That experience was scary enough I can't imagine going through that again WITHOUT having had the vaccine.

Mary Franzen Costell

We will be vaccinating.


 @Mary Franzen Costello  We are going to speak with our pediatrician ASAP about this as well. If he says good idea, than we will very likely do the same. 🙂 


I say vaccination WITH a booster as soon as it's time. I was vaccinated as a child; the older boy that lived up the street wasn't. Guess who got Pertussis? (Whooping Cough) BOTH of us. It was not an experience I would like to repeat. I'm pretty certain he'd not been vaccinated; we lived in a very rural area and he was (if you will pardon my expression) mentally retarded and never went to school that I recall. I don't know what is the politically correct way to describe him, I don't wish to offend anyone! I can remember every time we passed his house, he was riding his bike around and around and around in circles on his bike.


That was supposed to end 'in his driveway.' Endless circles in the driveway.