Confessions of an #Autism Dad: I wouldn't wish this pain on anyone -

Confessions of an #Autism Dad: I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone

Today hasn’t gone as planned.  Elliott’s home because of a nasty cough that we need to watch and stay on top of. He also seems to be dealing with another sinus infection as well.  We are going to have to get him into the doctors because it moves to his chest.

Gavin’s been home since last night and has done pretty well so far. 

A huge part of Operation Hope was that Gavin be removed from the home because of his extreme behavior and mental health issues.  He was breaking the family apart and traumatizing his little brothers. 

He’s not a bad person at all.  He’s simply wired in a way that makes it difficult for him to coexist when there is any type of emotional expectations. 

That’s a huge, huge part of reactive attachment



It’s nice to have him home and being appropriate with his brothers.

Lizze and I have a really difficult decision to make going forward.  We have to speak with his specialist at the Cleveland Clinic today and discuss what needs to be done in order to stabilize Gavin’s health. 

If Gavin’s health can be stabilized outside of the home than we will be able to continue things the way they have been.  If it’s something that Lizze and I will need to be more hands on with than we will have to figure something out.

We have to ensure the best interests of the younger kids and that doesn’t seem to be possible with Gavin in the home.

At the same time, we have to do the same for Gavin and that may conflict with what’s best for the rest of us. 

Nothing about this is easy and I wouldn’t wish this type of pain on anyone.  I honestly don’t know what we are going to do.  🙁

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