Do you have any "ism's" in your family? -

Do you have any “ism’s” in your family?

In our family we have a name for some of the quirky characteristics of our kids.  We call these quirky characteristics ism’s.

This started out many years ago with Gavin.  We called all the cute little quirky behaviors Gavin-ism’s.

This has been passed down to Elliott and Emmett as well. 

For example,  one of my most favorite is an Emmett-ism. Emmett has a very particular way of showing me affection.  It’s called hug and kiss and I value it more than anything in the world. 

He has to hug me first and then give me a kiss. It has to be in that order or he starts over again. 

It’s just been something he has always done.  I think it’s one of the sweetest things in the whole wide world.  Sometimes I tease him and say kiss and hug instead of hug and kiss

He just looks at me and say no Daddy,  hug and kiss.

That is an ism and it’s incredibly precious to me.  Some are more pleasant than others, but they are part of my children and I choose to embrace them.

Do you have any ism’s in your family? What are they?

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When Cole, our oldest boy, is trying to think of the best way to say something, he snaps his fingers like he is impatient with the process.  Tanner, our middle son, stutters when he has something really important to talk about.


Oh yes, we have many Zeke-isms. I can't even think of any right now, but it is a term we use frequently. We even order the "Zeke special" at Big Boy and they know exactly what we are talking about. Chicken strips, two sides of fries, and a root beer. Oh, my daughter just reminded me of one. Zeke's new favorite saying is, "That's lame!"  It's so much better than saying something mean to his sister.
I'll think of more later 🙂 


@DeborahWigginSnyder how funny is that. Emmett and Elliott have just started say “that’s lame”. Emmett also says “oh snap”. To funny…


One of  our favorite things our son Matt (he is non-verbal 21 year old ,and  is 6.3 and 230 )I had to give the visual lol   Matt will come up and look you in the eyes and make the kissing sound Muah which means I want you to try to kiss me but I am not going to let you ,and as you try to plant a kiss he laughs and giggles and is so pleased and happy , So this goes on until he allows you to kiss him , Never fails to make whoever he bestows this gift to ,day. He is our gentle giant,and has shown me more about love and compassion than I would have ever known other wise . The other thing he does is when he is mad,(not often) his curse word is Bo Bo ,(we have no idea where it came from) but if you called it you are on his list and he is not happy, LOL  Most of the world would never understand our household  but this community does  . Thanks for letting me share ! Love your blog! Gloria


@ChrisCrane that is awesome. Thanks for sharing that 🙂


 @ChrisCrane Lol, Chris! Zeke is about 5′ 5″ and weighs almost 190. And he is extremely affectionate and gentle. He isn’t fat–just built like a truck. I keep waiting for the jr. high football coach to see him. But he would never play football, he’s way too gentle. Oh, another one from Zeke. When you ask what he wants to do when he grows up, he says, “be a stay at home artist and take care of you.” 


@DeborahWigginSnyder @ChrisCrane how cute is that….

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