Where to draw the line? -

Where to draw the line?

Where to draw the line? That’s a question I can’t seem to find the answer to. A few minutes ago,  we caught Bella,  the 8 month old Boxer puppy, licking what I would consider part of Gavin’s crotch.

Gavin claims he didn’t realize she was doing that.  However,  when I said she was licking way too close to his privates,  he said she was licking the inside of his upper leg.

So which is it? Did he not realize she was licking him or not?

I don’t know if this is him testing the limits or if this was truly innocent in nature and he just wasn’t paying attention.

Unfortunately, we have to assume that there was motive behind allowing this to continue.  We have to run a very tight ship when it comes to these things. 

That said, where do you draw the line? What battles aWhat.re worth picking and which ones aren’t?

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I think with Gavin's history of misbehavior you should take it quite seriously. I would definately review a social story about this type of thing regularly with him. 


You may find a social story that will work, here: http://www.aspergerssocialstories.com


@Karrie thanks for that


Unfortunately I can't find the story. Sorry.:(


@Chloe123 no worries


Tell him that he needs to pay more attention because she just might bite him there 😉 


i cant guess where to draw the line as what is fine in YOUR house. but i think that protecting innocent young people is MOST important. we are teaching our 6 year old "typical" child that tickle games that touch your privates are meant for PRIVATE time and that means for you and you alone like in your bedroom and NEVER to be shared with friends or adults. PERHAPS giving the option to be curious in his own private way will help. you cant stop them from exploring but you can try and prevent someone else from getting hurt in it.


@DeeBrake that's a really good point. That has always been the policy and that was reinforced last night by Dr. Patti. That's a good policy in my opinion.


Question: what sort of bottoms is he wearing? If Gavin is wearing pants I think. You are looking way too into this. I understand your concerns but I think there are things happening that you may see as sexual that Gavin may not be looking at sexually. Adults have a way of doing that. I know o uhad issues in the past but you can't assume everything is sexual in nature. A Gavins age I wouldn't even think that like that…..being that he is younger mentally how could he equate crotches and dog licking into the same thought?


@DKS3 that's not exactly true. Gavin doesn't understand that any of the things he's done are sexual in nature. All he knows is it feels good.

Perhaps I'm looking way to into this but it's become a pattern of behavior. It's not like this was an isolated incident. This is an on going problem.

That said, my question was, where to draw the line. We can't possibly address every single thing.


 I think I know of a social story for touching privates online, will email it to you or post it here. 


 @Chloe123 Do you mind posting it here because a majority of us might will need it sooner or later… Thanks!!

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