I know what it feels like to be a car

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I know what it feels like to be a car now.  Only Gavin is behind the wheel and he’s driving me to crazytown.

I’m trying so hard to be patient with him but he’s not listening.

He keeps claiming to forget.  I suppose it’s possible but he could also be trying to play me. Tonight I have resorted to sending him to his room to read for a little while. This is allowing to avoid crazytown for just a hit longer. 

I fear that this is just a detour on the way and I will eventually arrive at my destination. I hope there’s a pool.  🙁 

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  • MeganCKitchen says:

    Pool?  I assume there would be a full service spa, with a massage!

  • Mary Franzen Costell says:

    And perhaps a jacuzzi