Minor problems before school

Minor problems before school

I forgot to mention this yesterday. We did have some minor problems with Gavin before school.  Lizze wanted him to get dressed and wait in his room because she couldn’t keep an eye on him at the moment. 

After she told him what to do,  Gavin decided that he wasn’t going to listen. He told her in reply, I’ll meet you downstairs after I get dressed.

Lizze told him again to stay and that he needs to listen.

That time it stuck and he listened.  If Web weren’t in the middle of everything that we’re in the middle of,  I would chalk that up to teenage boligerance. 

We didn’t make a big deal out of this because, quite frankly, that wasn’t a battle worth picking at the time.

Things just keep getting more and more complex as we go along. 

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My daughter has "minor" issues before school USUALLY about 3x's a week. These issues range from how she wants her hair done & what shoes she wants to wear, to if she wants to carry her backpack (or not-sorry you dont have a choice-your back pack, your responsibility! is our rule.) or if she just flat out doesn't want to get dressed/isn't in the mood.
Her responses are soooo draining. I've dealt with hitting, kicking, screaming, to yanking her hair out of it's ponytail & running off & hiding under a table or bed where I can't reach her & fits that end in my husband or I restraining her. On the worst ones I call her school & alert them of her behavior & that she will be late because I am not sending her to school in the midst of an episode.
She has improved though, only 1 fit so far this week! (Knock on wood!)
Sometimes it's frustrating because I can't always tell what's the ASD & what's pre-teen attitude. Must.learn.difference.stat!


@j12mc wow. Been there, not fun. Thank you so much for sharing.

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