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Remember when I mentioned earlier today that I don’t play the it could always be worse game? Well,  I shouldn’t even have brought it up because it just got worse.

I figured out why Elliott hasn’t been sleeping or eating much. 

I was brushing his teeth tonight to make sure they got done right.  That’s when I saw it. He broke one of his molars,  basically in half. You can see a big black hole, straight down and it looks unpleasant.

To be completely honest it looks friggin painful.

I don’t know how he’s been coping with this. We will have to likely keep him home from school and get an emergency appointment to the dentist in the morning. That will not go very well.

Please keep Elliott in your thoughts and prayers.

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I am so sorry 🙁  I hate the whole dentist-tooth thing with my spectrum son.  It's so hard.  Dread. I hope it goes okay and it's able to be tackled without too much trouble.  Take a deep breath!


What?  How did he break a molar??  🙁  Wishing him the best of luck.  I hate going to the dentist.  🙁


@Lost_and_Tired Praying for Elliot tonight, we know some of the struggles you're facing.


@Lost_and_Tired good luck w the dentist


recently experiences the same thing. my girl had cracked her molar, a huge hole and the gum was swollen through and bleeding. they sent us to the city ASAP. with a sedative and gas mask as well, they worked on her mouth. extracted the badly damaged tooth and repairs three others that were slightly damaged. she was angry about the mouth freezing the tingling was annoying but she did great with the rest. i wish you luck. and if he can do as well as she did, you will be blessed. it was still stressful on my part, i was more upset than she was. and she was very cranky about the freezing feeling. but we all did good.GOOD LUCK 


Will definitely keep him in prayer! Good luck tomorrow & praying that you get a quick appointment with little issue! 🙂


Yeouch, Poor Kid, I wish he could have told you in some way. Motrin and tylenol combined works wonders until the appointment. Good luck tomorrow. Big Hugs!!!!