15 Second Review: Fast Wireless Charger T518 by @Choetech -

15 Second Review: Fast Wireless Charger T518 by @Choetech

15 Second Review: Fast Wireless Charger T518 by @Choetech

This charging pad was provided to me for review purposes, in exchange for my honest feedback. My opinion can’t be bought, so this review is based on my actual experience.

Wireless charging is available on many devices but Fast Wireless charging is currently limited to Samsung Note 5 and S6 Edge +. My phone will charge from dead to full in a little over an hour. 

In total, it takes about an hour and twenty minutes.  That’s amazing.. I simply place the phone on the charging pad and the light on the pad turns green.


This particular model of charging pad has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the light, based on the light levels in the room. I’m not bothered by the light at night but I’ve read reviews where people are complaining about the lights on charging pads like this one, keeping them awake at night.

That’s not been my experience at all and Choetech has addressed that with the ambient light sensor anyway.

I have zero complaints about this charging pad and I couldn’t even think of an area in which it could be improved upon.

In fact, I ordered (and paid full retail price) the non-fast charging version of this for my Dad for Christmas. He loves it..

The T518 will charge any wireless charging capable phone but will only fast charge those phones capable. The light will glow blue for standard charging and green for fast charging. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I’ll be happy to answer them honestly.

I absolutely love the Fast Wireless Charging Pad T518 by @Choetech. I’ve become so spoiled with it and I feel like I’m going backwards in time if I have to plug a USB cable into charge my Note 5…LOL

Check out the charger here: http://www.choetech.com/T518-Wireless-Fast-Charger-With-Light-Sensor/

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