It's just a phase, right? -

It’s just a phase, right?

Elliott is going though this thing, where he doesn’t like to be alone. Bedtime and nap time have been……difficult.

Tonight is no exception.  As you can see below, Elliott is very clearly not in bed.

To be more specific, he’s on the couch.

Lizze and I were knee deep in a super creepy episode of Supernatural when Elliott stumbled down the steps, sobbing. He had no idea why he was so upset, at least he said he didn’t.

My guess is that he shook himself awake again and went into a panic.

Elliott does this purge of excess energy, that looks similar to a seizure but isn’t.  We had it thoroughly checked out. 

Anyway, this happens mostly at night and the shaking wakes him up to with the sensation of falling. This really freaks him out. There’s nothing we can do about this and he’s supposed to eventually outgrow this.

That would be my best guess as to what happened. 

Regardless of what happened, we’re camping out in the living room tonight.  This makes him feel safer and he needs the sleep. 

Hopefully this will help him.  I also hope Lizze having the bed to herself, helps her as well.  She’s in so much pain and our mattress is literally falling apart.  Never buy a mattress from Value City Furniture.  🙁

I feel happy, if not uncomfortable, because I was able to help both Lizze and Elliott with one action.  How often can I claim that?

Go me.  🙂


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I do the same thing as Elliot–I feel a jolt rush through my body and I "hit" the bed and wake up.  I asked my neurologist and he said it is an electrical discharge of the peripheral nervous system.  Freaks me out at time and I am OLD!  :O)


I'm probably not suggesting anything you haven't heard a zillion times, Rob, but have you tried a weighted blanket? The heavy, bean-baggy ones? It might help him feel more secure? Either that, or going in after he's asleep, and tucking him in really tightly, so he's kind of pinned in? They say that's why babies sleep better swaddled.


Anthony used to do that too.  I'm not sure about the excess energy, because I've never witnessed what's happening before he would wake up crying.  Many times, we could just take him back to bed, and he wouldn't even remember it in the morning, but he also went through a phase of several years when he couldn't stand to be anywhere alone.  His room, the basement, even the living room, if the rest of the family were elsewhere in the house.  We let him share a bedroom with his brother.  Our doctor said that his waking up was "night terrors" and it seemed to always happen when he was overly exhausted.  He does seem to outgrown it, and he doesn't mind being alone now.  He even gets mad at me if I worry about leaving him alone.  He doesn't understand why I'm more comfortable with his younger sister staying by herself than him.  Good luck!

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