Is there a game or TV show your child loves but you hate?

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Emmett and I are hanging out this morning. So far we have built Portal guns out of Lego’s, watched Phenias and Ferb and now we are playing a game on the computer while he eats a snack.

We’re playing Sonic Generations and I can’t stress enough how much I hate Sonic the freaking Hedgehog.

Gavin killed it for me when he was younger. He became totally obsessed with everything Sonic the Hedgehog. All he endlessly talked about was Sonic and it just left a bad taste in my mouth.


Having said that, the boys love Sonic, so I just grit my teeth and bare it.

So….with that in mind, is there a game or TV show that your child loves but you can’t stand?

Please share with the class.. 😉

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My son is obsessed with Total Drama, which is some stupid kids/tween cartoon on Cartoon Network. It is based on the survivor type shows and there are elimination rounds, etc.  He will watch episodes of it all day long if I let him, and I often catch him re enacting these episodes with his toys. Unfortunatly it has contributed to his all or nothing view of the world.  We went to a kids fitness class the other day at the YMCA and the kids were playing freeze tag, and he starts freaking out and screaming because he got tagged, as if he is going to be eliminated from the game. I'm like, it's freaking freeze tag, not a survivor show. I hate to see what happens when he is a teenager and trying to get girls to go out on a date with him…


I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the teenage shows that my daughter CRAVES. It made her SO SUPERFICIAL because she is a follower, a mimicker. So 1 year ago, I cancelled the cable & made new TV rules. Most of that behavior is gone now so I don't mind that I didn't grit my teeth & bear it. I have enough to deal with when she goes into a fit, I don't need sensationalized tween shows making it worse! LOL =)