Autism Complicates Many Things

Autism Complicates Many Things

Autism makes so many things more difficult. Gavin eye doesn’t appear to be getting better. In fact he’s going in tomorrow because he hasn’t been eating since he got hurt. That’s a huge warning flag for Gavin.

In our case Gavin’s Autism amongst other things makes him an unreliable source of information. He can’t give us the information we need to know how he’s doing. Is he not eating because something is wrong or because he has this idea in his head that if he eats he is going to puke. For example, when I was a kid I was eating popcorn and got really sick (vomiting ect). It had nothing to do with the popcorn because I had the flu but to this day I don’t eat popcorn very often. Well Gavin takes that to the extreme. If he had a tummy ache after eating breakfast he will just stop eating period.

He assumes that it will always happen if it happened once already. That’s one of the reasons why him having Autism complicates things. Many Autistic kids, Gavin included, generalize things and see the world in black and white. It’s either always or never. So now that Gavin hasn’t been eating we don’t know if something is wrong or he is in one of those “if I eat I’ll get sick” things again.

Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

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It's probably because the painkillers are making him sick to his stomach. I sometimes have to take narcotic painkillers and my stomach is extremely sensitive to them. It doesn't matter if I have eaten or not, I get sick whenever I am on them. The first time I was on them I knew eating would just make me feel worse so I refused to eat anything for a while. I did eventually eat once and it made me feel so much worse. And much like you said, I am now afraid to even try eating while I am taking those pills.

Lost and Tired

He's on Tylenol 3. But maybe it's making him sick. The other possibility is that fact that the cut is right in field of vision (right down the middle). It makes him dizzy.

Have a great week.

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