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Can anyone tell me what so significant about this picture? Winner gets bragging rights.  😉


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He's labelled which is such an irritation in many ways. This makes him appear to be something he isn't because it irritates him and makes him behave in a socially unacceptable way to others. That gets him labelled and judged as naughty – not so


I'm going to take a guess and say not only that the tag is on the shirt, but that it is in the back where most tags go, instead of "somehow" being in the front–from which I deduce the young person is successful in dressing. 😉 ~ Blessings!


rmagliozzi – My grandson has the sock/shoe problem as well. We haven't found an answer yet, its just a case of persevering and waiting until he finds his own way of coping.  He seems to be getting better at coping with these things as he gets older…he's now nearly 10. He can tolerate his shoes once he has worn them a lot but new ones are a nightmare. Even though we buy them with plenty of room in them he is convinced that they press really hard against his little toes and really hurt him.  We have come to a compromise with him and allow him to wear his old shoes for a day on the condition that he wears his new ones the next day and then his old ones, then his new ones and so on. That way he has the chance to get used to the new ones slowly.  He will wear socks without too much trouble now but he takes ages putting them on, making sure they are perfectly straight.


The tag is in and against his skin and he's not freaking out!! Good job!! Can you come up with a solution to the sock/shoe sensitivity thing? Mine is still convinced I put cactus spikes or something inside his shoes.


Look at the tag!




I see the dog's tail moving a million miles an hour.  My children would turn their shirts inside out to get the feel of the tag away from their skin.


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That's right. Emmett is tolerating tags. Well, at least this time. I had to perform tag removal surgery tonight on another shirt. Great guessing everyone. Seems like we are all familiar with tags..


I'm gonna go with the rest of the crowd and say that tag; and I really agree with Carl on this one that the up position is SO much more irritating!!! Way to go!


That's what is so great about the tagless shirts. But they aren't really tagless–they just put them in a different spot, right where it itches on the side!


I was going to guess the tag. When I was a kid I always had to cut them out of my clothes. These days they don't bother me. The odd thing is they bother me more when they're tucked in than when they're out like this.


The shirt has a tag on it, and it's out of place, without him getting annoyed.That would annoy me to wear a shirt like that.   Your son already has me beat on that.


and the tag is in the up position which in my world automatically makes it more irritating. 


I go with tag on shirt as well.  That's BIG!


not melting down with the tag still on the shirt?


Yup my guess was a tag as well. He is also wearing 2 shirts it looks like. Can you tell we all have experience with  special needs kiddos.


Did he survive it???


the tag is still on the shirt, our kids make us cut it off,or we buy tag-less! Gloria


wearing a shirt with the tag intact


WOW, wearing a shirt WITH THE TAG!!!  WOOOT


Little guy appears to be wearing a shirt with labels in it, which lots of kids, especially those on the spectrum can't tolerate?


O_o a tag!!!!  wow.