Promise of a new day

Promise of a new day

I already feel how this day is going to go.  Gavin has his antibody infusion this morning and Elliott was coming up with every excuse he could think of to keep from going to school.

I had a rough nights sleep after Emmett climbed into bed with us.  He had a nightmare about Bella being evil and he had to turn her normal again.  I moved to the couch to give Lizze and Emmett more room.

On the plus side,  Emmett seems to be in a good mood this morning. 

We are hanging out together while Lizze takes Gavin for his infusion.  Hopefully,  he won’t find the need to scream all day again today. 

Fingers crossed…..

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 @Chloe123 I wanna know where you get free movies???   The $ for 5 days is great! 
Rob–is Gavin on IVIG?  We have to drive 3 hrs to get those done for my oldest girl.  If it's the same as hers it takes 8-14 hrs to infuse.  AND cost $25K per infusion…no wonder I'm broke–LOL.


One thing I enjoy doing, especially on those days I am not feeling quite myself is renting movies from Family Video, and they have $1 family movies for 5 nights, and free kids rentals for 5 nights. 


Hoping today is a good day for you all! Days with screaming are not fun for anyone!

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