Addressing Anxiety

Addressing Anxiety

We will be hauling Elliott to the doctor’s on Monday morning.  This time it’s not for a broken tooth but instead anti anxiety medications. 

Elliott is the poster child for generalized anxiety disorder and the quality of his life is significantly affected.


This appointment has been a long time coming.

Elliott’s anxiety is situational and rather extreme.  This means that all the stress and chaos that goes on in the house as a result of being a special needs family.

We have addressed everything that can be immediately addressed but others are in a holding pattern like Gavin’s placement.

Elliott’s in therapy and we do whatever we can to relieve the anxiety but unfortunately,  medication is our plan B. Plan A was simply not enough to provide him with any relief and so it’s long past time to put Plan B into motion. 

We will cross the Plan B starting line, Monday morning at 9:35 am.

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I hope you all are able to find that magic formula that helps Elliot get some peace of mind, whether it is the right med, therapy or something else. He certainly deserves it. We are doing a trial of magnesium for our son's anxiety right now.


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for validating my existance!  I have two children – one autistic, one highly ADHD and people are FINALLY understanding just how much energy, love and determination it takes to make it through the day.  I decided to pick and choose my battles – CHILDREN FIRST…. everyone else, take a number!   When someone gives you The Look, or ADVICE, grin, say "thanks" and continue on your journey.   My children were diagnosed at two and three – they are now thirteen and fifteen.  IT WAS ALL WORTH IT – from the attorney for the schools who didnt want to help, the community who just couldnt wrap their heads around it — even certain relations who thought we were 'inept' parents…  even my husband at the beginning who did not GET IT until I had to spell it out bit by bit.   I got through to him… I got through to the schools and to most of the community and family.  And most importantly, my kids.  Power and love to all of you!   Trust your instincts and keep asking for someone to listen and help – you find the most amazing people and saints when you least expect it, and need them most!!!!!! 


Totally can relate. I'm thinking my 8 yr old spectrum son is going this way also. We can see the growing anxiety erupting in all different areas.  Already have one OCD/anxiety son being treated with both medication and therapy pretty successfully at this point, but it has it's ups and downs for sure and always needs on-going monitoring.  Best wishes to you on this.

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