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Today has been relatively mundane.  The boys were gone for a good part of the day. I got some writing done and even collected up each and every sock in the house so I could wash them. While they never actually made it into the wash,  they are all in a basket.  It’s a start.

I don’t think we had any problems with Gavin today.  The same goes for the other two as well.

Maybe we had to repeat ourselves a few times but nothing major.

In the morning,  Lizze is going to hang out with her Mom.  I get the boys all to myself, for most of the day.  Lizze needs the time away and I’m hoping this helps. 

Lizze is in a really bad place.  Her migraines are so bad anymore she’s not able to stay awake at times. We’re not sure if she’s sleeping or passing out from the pain.  All I know for sure is she’s very difficult to wake up.

Thankfully, she will be at the Cleveland Clinic this coming week and hopefully we will find some answers.

The only reason I’m not freaking out over this is because we know for sure that there are no tumors or anything like that.  If we didn’t know that,  I would be more concerned. Not that I’m not concerned now but……

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It sounds like she also has chronic fatigue. Could it be she has mitochondrial issues? I have heard it can be a cause of chronic fatigue, at least from what I have read, and what my son's naturopath believes. Can you check her blood pressure when she is hard to wake and make sure it is not dangerously low?