How does your family feel about Monday’s?

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Personally,  I hate Monday’s. Traditionally, this is the worst day of the week for the Lost and Tired family.

I think this because Monday is a transition day between the weekend and the rest of the week. In a family where 4 of the five of us are on the #Autism spectrum, transitions don’t normally go well for us.


Anyway,  this got me to thinking,  which led to wondering how your family handles Monday’s?

How does your family handle Monday’s? Do they go well or do you share the same nightmare as me? How about transitions in general?

Please join us for today’s #Autism Discussion and let’s share our stories with each other.  🙂

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@Kats_Cafe thanks Kat


Being disabled, I live for Monday's.  It gives me a day to get rested up after the weekend of having Marc at home.  Marc sleeps so little, and so inconsistently, that I rarely get more than 8 hours of sleep from Friday afternoon to Monday morning.  That makes life tough.  So we love Mondays when they aren't part of a three day weekend.


Yes, we hate Mondays!  It is either one child or the other dragging his feet on the way to the car, me or hubby tired and running late, or some other mess. I am now determined to make Mondays as brainless as possible. Going to sleep with all clothes but shoes on (doable because none of us wear jeans) breakfast and even dinner premade the night before, everything but lunches loaded in the car, etc. Simplifying makes life so much easier for us.  


I appreciate Mondays because my son is in school 4 mornings a week and I have a couple hours to get things done.    It's my couple hours of respite in my day.  I love my son but his transition into school is 100 times easier than his transitioning into a weekend… Unfortunately our home life can't seem to be structured enough for his comfort level…too many things to balance!


@Amy that's a great way to look at things. 🙂


Well, I hated Mondays for a long time. Until My kids went to public school and Mondays became the day "To Get Things Done While Children Are in School" days 🙂 But yeah, transitioning to that can be hard. For instance, I have three things to do today, two phone calls and an errand. What am I doing? My Sunday thing–facebooking and reading blogs! 


@HeatherESedlock I hear you on the getting caught up. I have to say that I've really enjoyed your recent comments. You are very well spoken and bring a lot to the discussion. Thanks. 🙂