Find out how Gavin's day is going -

Find out how Gavin’s day is going

Generally speaking, Gavin is the kind of kid that seems to really struggle most of the time.  Whether it’s a behavioral issue or something related to his health, more often than not, he’s having a rougher daybreak most other people. 

Having said that, Gavin is doing really well today. 

He’s building with Legos (since the other boys aren’t home) and watching his favorite shows on Netflix. 

As a single child, Gavin is vastly different.  It’s when other children are around that he becomes much more difficult.  For right now though, he has our undivided attention and no other kids to worry about. 

He’s having an awesome day. 


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Lost and Tired

Me too. 🙂 Good for you. Adoption is an amazing thing. 🙂

Kathleen Barney King

We are researching adoption since we are unable to have a second child and I have read it’s true of a lot of RAD kids where they do best when they are the only child or the youngest child. I am glad he had a good day. 🙂

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