Today’s #Autism Victory: Brotherly Love

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Today’s #Autism Victory is going to Elliott and Emmett.  While much of the time they are busy screaming at each other,  this morning was a little different.

After waking up this morning, Emmett and Elliott snuggled on the couch with their stuffed animals and watched Blues Clues.

It’s really nice to see this,  even if it’s only short lived.   🙂

Have you had any recent #Autism victories? Remember a victory is a victory,  no matter the size.  We celebrate all victories here at Lost and Tired.  🙂


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  • aidensmomma508 says:

    @whynotfathers @reality_autism My sons new favorite snack is an apple! *New food mini milestone happy dance*

  • Batty says:

    I always love to see camaraderie among brothers!  Sooooooo seldom happens here.
    Yippee for the 2 Es!