Gavin Behavioral Update: 09/18/2012

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Gavin has not had a good day.  We ended yesterday with issues and began today with issues as well.  School seemed to go okay and that’s good.  However,  OT and speech this afternoon, not so well.

My understanding is that he wasn’t following the rules,  wasn’t listening to Lizze or the therapists.

It’s really difficult not to just be turned off to anything Gavin right now. 

I realize how that sounds but you have to understand what it’s like living here.  Many times we feel like prisoners in our own home,  held captive by his violent outbursts.

I just need a break,  we all need a break.

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 @Batty @Mary Franzen Costello  Thanks for your words of support. 🙂


I vote we have parents camp and we can all go and de-stress.  We can talk without interruptions.  We can have a glass of water without someone sticking anything into it.  We can have a plate of food that no one puts their hands or toys in.  We can have an (dare I say it) an adult beverage without judgment.  We can be just people instead of numbed robots (like I know I often am).  

Mary Franzen Costell

No judgement here. Mental illness is unique and VERY difficult to live with. Add in everything else on Gavin's yadayadayada lost plus everyone else's, I'm surprised you haven't cracked. Just keep swimming. One day at a time.