Nothing like drama to start the day with -

Nothing like drama to start the day with

Elliott is freaking out because he doesn’t want to go to school. He’s been screaming for a little while now and Lizze and I have traded off.

We trade off so that neither one of us lose our cool. 

It’s kinda like tag team wrestling.  When I’m getting worn out, I can tag her in to take over and let me recover. She of course,  can do the same thing. 

This morning is not going well and let me just say it’s good that we have this whole tag team approach. I’ve been up with the E’s since 5am and I’m already running on empty.

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So tough!  Hang in there….  


Rob, I know Elliot went to the doctor yesterday to discuss meds, did they prescribe anything that would be helpful in a  situation like this? To just help him chill a little bit? I have found a very small dose of a med like clonopin to be very helpful in situations when I am overly anxious and can't seem to calm down on my own.. Also, I have been there, done that when it comes to the anxiety abut school, but one of the best things is going to school….. Do you have a communication book with Elliot's teacher? So you can find out if something happened that day at school, and she can know about the anxiety etc. at home?

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