Mystery Picture (09/20/2012)

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Here is today’s Mystery Picture. This is a bit harder than yesterday’s.  Good luck. 

Have fun and be distracted for a bit.  🙂


Here is the answer and the rest of the mystery picture.


This shell was collected by Elliott on the beach, while he was visiting my sister in the East Hamptons this summer.

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  • Shells says:

    The bubbles on top of a rootbeer Float

  • KeeleyLeighMuncrief says:

    it is sand on a beach after the tide has washed out to sea and the craters are where air bubbles have popped and left holes under the sand-RavenTears3

  • Silachan says:

    Looks like a cookie. XD

  • OnyxPanthyr says:

    I'm gonna go with a piece of coral.