I think I pulled off a miracle today

The boys and I are just now getting home from a day of running errands. 

The day began with an interview related to state benefits for the boys. It went really well but Imhave some hard thinking I need to do because proceeding down this road will create secondary issues and I just don’t know what to do.m

The real adventure began when I needed to get my drivers license renewed and all three boys were with me. and Emmett played in the play area but had another bladder crisis and had to go back to the car because he was getting really frustrated with himself.. 


Elliott and Emmett did so well. I’m so proud of them and grateful for their cooperation..

When we were some, we had to go find shoes for Emmett and we were met with success there as well, at least for right now anyways. This in-and-of-itself was a miracle. 😎

I finally replaced my shoes as well because they had no sole left and I need good shoes so I can do my walking. I hated doing that but it was a necessary evil. 

To celebrate the last day of summer, I took the boys to lunch and then to the indoor playground. Emmett of course had a meltdown in the food court because he didn’t know what to pick out for lunch but he ended up doing a happy meal later on. 

We finished off the day by taking baths and showers at my parents house because I haven’t been able to get the gas fixed just yet. Lastly, we hit Walgreens to pickup meds and ended up witnessing some dude stealing a backpack full of shampoo and running out the door. 

Now it’s time to finally relax and catch my breath. I’m so tired and I’m hoping that this means I’ll actually be able to fall asleep tonight..

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  • KimGebhardt

    I don’t know what kind of secondary issues there are, but you need to do whatever it takes to bring more money into your house. You haven’t had gas for months and we’re heading into fall now, and it wasn’t that long ago that you mentioned losing your house.
    I understand not wanting to hurt the boys’ future, but is it really fair to have them living in a house with no hot water?

  • Darcyd

    I agree with KimGebhardt. There are no secondary issues or pride when it comes to getting money from the government or child support from their mother. I’ve been reading a lot of cases where CPS is taking kids from houses with electricity, water & gas & from a two loving parent household & than someone will report that there is no gas in your house & the boys are & these kids will be taken away in a heartbeat. Sorry to be harsh but it is hard facts.

  • Kim, I know you mean well and i appreciate that. I was writing a response that essentially turned into a post. You’re information isn’t accurate but your concern is a valid one. I figured I would explain the best I could but it just didn’t fit here….

  • EllenBeck

    I have no clue what secondary issues are, but I can say if it helps your boys do what it takes. Change is always tough but youre a pro at change now and you can handle it.