Weird/Creepy Behavior

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Gavin is back to completely ignoring Lizze’s existence. He looks right through her as though she isn’t there.

He was doing this before but had stopped and now apparently, he’s started up again.

It’s so bad that he literally looks straight through her.  I don’t have any idea why he does this but it really is creepy.

If he has a question that Lizze needs to answer,  he asks me instead, even she’s standing right there. If I point out to him that he needs to ask Lizze, he’ll ask her while he’s looking at me. 

It’s something really bothers Lizze and we have both spoken with him about this but he’s still ignoring her.

I believe this is one of those reactive attachment disorder things. 

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  • kat13 says:

    That is really strange. Do you mind asking why was he diagnosed with reactive attachment disorder?  

    • lostandtired says:

       @kat13 Because of the abuse he endured from his biological father and paternal grandmother at a very early age. This caused him to not form the neurological connections necessary to build emotional connections.

      • kat13 says:

         @lostandtired So sorry to hear it, but I am really glad he is no longer in their hands either! It is just unimaginable how one can harm in any way your own child. 

  • Batty says:

    Definitely psychopathic behavior.  Be very careful!