It's the time of year for a big pot of soup -

It’s the time of year for a big pot of soup

My phone just belted out a weather alert.  We have a frost advisory on affect for tonight and tomorrow morning. 

We already have leaves on the ground. 

It’s the perfect time of year for a huge pot of chicken noodle soup. I love to cook,  so this is a good day for me. 

I have the chicken boiling right now and will sneak in all the veggies in the morning.  I love making good, healthy food for my family and a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup on a frosty evening is just awesome. 


Do you have any favorite, seasonal foods?

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I have been successfully sneaking zuchini into food for about a year.  Peeled and grated, it cooks into nothing.  I know you lose some of the value doing that but I hope you still get some.  I usually hide it in tomato based stuff, but only because when I am serving them anyhow.  2-3 cooked up to eat and 1 in the sauce.  I think the flavor would hide anywhere, but there seems to be an occasion recognizable piece and tomato sauce covers it.  I hide mashed beans as well.


We make a thick chili with peppers, mushrooms, black -kidney-& pinto beans, tomatoes and corn from the garden, ground beef and serve it over basmati or jasmine rice.  We had our first pot on Friday.  :O)


Spiced cider warming on the stove is my favorite cold weather pick me up

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