Contagious Behaviors -

Contagious Behaviors

Something I forgot to mention in my previous post about Gavin and reactive attachment disorder is that his behaviors seem to be contagious.

Of course,  I don’t mean they are literally contagious but more like a really bad example.

I can say this because both Elliott and Emmett are modeling or mimicking Gavin’s behaviors. For example, when they get upset, they hit themselves and call themselves stupid.

Neither of the E’s are listening very well,  especially when it comes to Lizze.

The actual act of defiance is very similar to that of Gavin.

In truth,  this is nothing new.  They have been modeling get Gavin’s behaviors for years. The problem is that as Gavin’s behaviors get worse,  so does that of the E’s.

Unfortunately for us,  the E’s really look up to Gavin.  Sometimes,  that’s not necessarily a bad thing, most of the time though,  it is.

Lizze and I are struggling to overcome Gavin’s impact on Elliott and Emmett’s impressionable young minds.

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