One step closer to residential care

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Operation Hope is what I call our plan to not only help Gavin by placing him into residential care but save what’s left of my crumbling family. 

Gavin’s behaviors are destroying our family.

We have engaged the services of Stark County Family council.  They offer a service called Wraparound. For more on that,  use my search widget. 

Basically, Wraparound is a facilitator.  They help to locate services that will benefit the family in question and also build a support system as well.

We have our 2nd meeting in the morning before school. Our coordinator wants to meet Gavin and so we will be doing that before school. I’m other sure who will be taking Gavin because only one of us can go,  due to the E’s being sick.

Every meeting go is a step in the right direction and that much closer to our goal of getting Gavin in the help he so desperately needs.

I’ll let you all know how this meeting goes….

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  • lyndavisyak says:

    I hope the best for you.  I watched a Dr. Phill episode on schocphernia and immediatly though of you.  It was a great episode to see, you need to watch it. It really helps a person understand what a family goes through when dealiong with such an extreme mental health issue, please find it on Hulo or direct t.v.