What do your kids with #Autism like to do when they’re sick?

What do your kids with #Autism like to do when they’re sick?

I thought it might be interesting to discuss what our children with #Autism like to do when they are sick or not feeling well.

Personally, I want to just stay in bed when I’m sick but my kids are a different story.

Being sick to them just slows them down….A little.  It’s actually really hard to get them to rest.  Elliott and Emmett just don’t want to lay down.  Gavin on the other hand does really well when he’s sick.  He will just stay in bed and sleep.

I’m trying to get Emmett and Elliott to rest so that their little bodies can fight off that is ailing them.


The only way to get them to chill out is with video games. 

Emmett, as seen in the picture below, is resting on the couch and playing his favorite game on the computer, Lego Batman.

While we typically limit their screen time, on days like today,  the rulebook goes out the window and we do what we must to ensure they get better.  Sometimes that means video games and cartoons. 

What do your kids like to do when they are sick? Is it difficult to get them to rest?

Please share your stories,  tips and tricks below in the comments.  🙂

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@BrandonYoung82 @reality_autism is both powerful and real. I feel like someone gets it.


@LorcaDamon @BrandonYoung82 if you don't mind, could you follow me at @lost_and_tired

Very nice to meet you 🙂


@Dadblunders @Lost_and_Tired They enjoy listening to music! Play music – sing along and gesture to them! Helps to maintain eye contact.


@LorcaDamon Thank you for introducing me to @reality_autism

Wow. Really touched home. #AutismSpeaks


The last time my DS was sick, he curled up on the couch and let me pet him while we watched Thomas & Friends.  Having the barfs is exhausting.


I like to watch movies, play on the computer, go on Facebook, and play my iPad. 


I have one that sleeps like a log, one that just sits there, and 2 that whine incessantly. You can't even breathe right it sets them off. 2 of my kids will take meds and swallow pills so I give it to them when they ask. 2 of my kids would be on their death bed and still not ask for meds. I let them be because it is not worth the battle. I also have 2 that respond better to ibuprofen and 2 that do better with acetaminophen. Trick is remember which does what!


Yes, it is usually difficult to get my daughter to rest when she is sick. She also doesn't tell if there is anything hurting until it is already really bad that I can usually tell myself that something is not right. So if she is laying down or saying she is going to take a nap, that is also an indicator to me that is something not good boiling up in her body. 
The only times she actually lays down, when she has a high fever. Once the medicine kicks in and brings fever down, she goes back up on her feet again… 
I also don't really force her to lay down (not any more at least), but I do limit her from going and playing outside. Everyone is different in those terms, and I figured if her body feels bad enough, she will lay down and rest. 

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