Behavioral Crisis: Akron Children’s Hospital (09/29/2012)

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Lizze has arrived home with Gavin in tow. The social worker at Akron Children’s Hospital called Gavin out on everything

She said that this is very typical behavior of a child with reactive attachment disorder.  The disorder itself in not very common but she said she sees this same type of behavioral issues in the RAD kids when they do cross paths. 

She was very supportive and understanding. 

Gavin was being rude and from what Lizze says, she handled it well.

Ultimately though, he wasn’t admitted.

The reason for that was because they don’t handle chronic problems and Gavin is the poster child for chronic mental health issues. 

They did however,  rule out a neck injury from banging his head into the floor so hard. 

There recommendation is long term residential treatment,  which of course,  we were already aware of and currently working on.

It was nice to have Hospital see through hi.  unassuming exterior and recognize what is going on.  I suppose we have that for now. 

He’s spending the rest of the day in his room and didn’t get to go to Grandma’s tonight,  which is what set him off in the first place…

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Mary Franzen Costell

Bite in the a** How far does this poor kid have to go to get help. Sorry he couldn't be admitted. It must be fun at your house right now


@Mary Franzen Costello Emmett's gone for the night and Gavin is in his room. Elliott is playing games on the computer. It's actually pretty quiet at the moment.