Operation Hope: Our 2nd meeting

Operation Hope: Our 2nd meeting

Today we had our 2nd Wraparound meeting this morning.  The purpose of today’s meeting was for them to meet Gavin. We also had a bit of paperwork to go over as well.

Our coordinator is getting ready to petition for funding, so we can place Gavin into residential care.

We briefly spoke about some of the things that have transpired since our last meeting a few weeks ago.


At one point, I had Gavin in step out of the room so we could speak more openly about what has been going of.  I also showed her the video from this past Saturday of Gavin having a tantrum.

I don’t think she was prepared to for what she saw. 

After Gavin came back in the room she was asking him some questions, just making conversation.  Gavin’s response was on earth of irritation. He clearly didn’t want to be there and didn’t make much effort to hide it.

Lizze and I both, appreciate everything they are doing for us.

It really is a rewarding process and everyone there is so nice.   I’m truly hoping that we can find the funding and get Gavin out of the house and into some place more suited for his needs.

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wow,feeling for your guys,hopefully your Dr can give suggestions,when,how ,and what to say in that conversation ,hoping and praying placement comes soon,and also think about  what to say to the other boys,to get them used to the idea also . Is the rest of your family supportive of this idea ?I hope so ,for all of your sakes. Those of us ,who follow you know that this the hardest choice you have had to make ,you and Lizze are great parents ,unless you live our lives ,people have no clue . When this happens ,do not listen or get into conversations with people that don't support you,circle the wagons . This is hard enough, and to follow through with what breaks your heart ,is harder than words can describe . Please know that people are thinking and praying for you guys,Gloria


@ChrisCrane thank you very much. That was very well said. We are going to have to once again adopt the "with us or against us" approach.

Mary Franzen Costell

Does Gavin know what's going on? Thinking about you explaining residential crd to him makes my stomach hurt.


@Mary Franzen Costello you and me both. Gavin doesn't know anything about this. We likely won't tell him until the moment is upon us. We never tell our kids anything goes until we know for sure.

I'm dreading that conversation though. 🙁


 @lostandtired  @Mary I can only imagine the best way to explain it would to only explain the positive sides for him, since that's what he seems to be focused on. Explaining it in terms of how they will help him learn to make better choices when he's frustrated, and how to control his frustration and anger so he doesn't have to hurt himself or others. Something along those lines I'd guess. Hoping for the best for you guys.

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