Today is a total loss

Today is a total loss

Sometimes life just throws too many curve balls all at once.  Today is one of those  days.

Gavin is supposed to have his IVIG infusion this morning. Unfortunately, life is conspiring against us and making it impossible to get him there today.

Lizze was going to stay home with Emmett today while I took Elliott to school and Gavin to his infusion.

As our luck would have it, Lizze was up all night with hot flashes again. Yes, they believe Lizze is going into early menopause but that’s her story to tell right now.

Bottom line, our plans fell through again since she can neither drive or stay home with Emmett. 

We had no choice but to cancel his appointment and move it back a few days.

Until Lizze gets back on her feet today, if she even does today, nothing is going to get accomplished and we are going to fall further and further behind.

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