Gavin is leaving for the night -

Gavin is leaving for the night

Lizze’s parents are taking Gavin for the night. I know how this sounds to those unfamiliar with RAD, but I can’t wait.

There is so much stress in the house while he’s home. 

It’s not like it’s stress free when he’s gone but it’s just different. I don’t know how else to explain it.  We all need a break, especially Lizze.


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I totally get it.  My daughter doesn't have RAD, but she gets into everything constantly, trashes the place, and can defeat any child-proofing I've ever seen.  When she's home, there is seldom a moment when I'm not physically chasing her, trying to keep her and the house safe.  It's not so bad, now that she's in school full time, as I get nice long breaks to repair the carnage and restore my sanity, but I used to cry at the thought of her coming home from respite.  That broke my heart, as I truly love her as much as anyone has ever loved a child, and it felt SO wrong to be sick at the thought of my daughter coming home.


@Jenn50 hey, at least we aren't alone. 🙂


Enjoy your evening!


@DLaubacher thank you

Mary Franzen Costell



@Mary Franzen Costello thank you 🙂

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