Tree Vomit

Tree Vomit

Every year about this time,  I begin gearing up to deal with all the fun that fall has crapped out all over my yard.

This year, the leaves are falling much sooner than they normally do. 

Typically, the trees in my yard will still be desperately clinging to their leaves in December. These are just Maple trees so I don’t know why they are normally so difficult.

This year appears to be different. Maybe it was the drought this year or maybe they are taking pitty on me,  since I never get help to rake and bag the leaves.  Either way, my entire yard is already covered in tree vomit.  

Lizze can’t physically help and the boys, well,  I’m better off on my own.

I’m in Canton, Ohio and Fall is unquestionably here.  How are the trees in your neck of the woods? Do your kids with #Autism help you will then yard work?


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Anna Sambuco

Hi there – we're in Munich, Germany, and this year, we've got a real "Indian Summer". Tons of bright leaves, all over the place. The town looks as if it were on fire. Our son, 12, Asperger Syndrome, loves the leaves. At age 3 he used to sort them in size and colour in the playground for hours on end… now he just loves to run and roll in them. Even more so since we've got a puppy now 🙂 Yeah, what starts out as "helping Mom" usually ends in "spreading the mess" 🙂 All the best to you and thanks for sharing your stories in this blog.


@Kiboomu @reality_autism Beautiful pic. Our leaves are just starting to change color–summer just left 3 days ago.


@karenof4 @reality_autism Us too!

E The Third Glance

I grew up with leaves like that. (Won't say where though). I would often rake the lawn when I was younger, however I had this habit of being completely obsessive and making sure I got every single leaf. Didn't go so well, and I often ended up tearing up the grass while trying to get that one last annoying leaf with the rake. Needless to say, I try to avoid raking these days… luckily for me, I live in a complex where that's taken care of for me.


@E The Third Glance I went out yesterday and mulched the first batch.


Leaves haven't really started falling here (in Baltimore). When they do, though, I don't mind, since it's also the beginning of Now-that-leaves-cover-my-back-yard-I-can-look-at-it-and-not-feel-guilty-about-all-the-weeds Season.


@Blogger_Father that's funny. Lol
It's the same thing when we are covered in snow. My yard is completely concealed.


@ChrisCrane @Dan R @Silachan @disillusioned fibromamaby3 
I always feel like I need to get the leaves up because my neighbors take such good care of their yards. I wish every once in awhile, I got some help because I do my back in every year, especially shoveling snow. Luckily, I'm usually able to mulch the leaves with the mower.

Dan R

My Brother is a great leaf raker/picker upper/ bagger. Though he still doesn't quite get that you might need a new bag if the leaves are poking through the bags. 
I absolutely HATE picking up leaves, i'll rake and leave them in a pile. 
Thankfully, so far the leaves in our area are still clinging to their leaves.


We are in Columbus and with 1 tree in the front,and 4 in the back and yep ,their are maples also . And I agree normally they are the last to drop,much to our neighbors dismay,LOL,the one saving grace is that we have a privicy fence and we don't rake the back until the trees are empty,as for our Autistic son,Matt, helping,Matt is what we describe as a 'Lilly of the field, he toils not ,neither does he spin,LOL he could be a hand model they are so soft and perfect . Now for our Aspie son,Mark,will help with almost any chore ,if given direction ,And he always carry's in the groceries. (That might be because Mark has never met a meal he didn't like)


Mine like to hold onto the leaves until after the first snowfall, they like to wait until they are wet and messy and 3 times as hard to clean-up.  Luckily we have no snow yet this year, and about 1/3 of the leaves have already fallen – now if I could only get motivated to clean them up so there is far less to deal with later.  High functioning autistic boy – his stamina is way to low, but if I happened to catch him on the exact right day, at the exact right time, when he was in the exact right frame of mind – he may help for a while.


I'd just leave them, they're pretty! Down here in Florida the trees never change colors and we don't get leaves falling in our yard (well, at least I don't.) What's it gunna hurt? 🙂


@Silachan it hurts when the neighbours are ticked off because they cleaned the leaves from their yard, and now the leaves from your trees are blowing into their yard and they have to rake again.
I would love to be down in Florida with you.  If it was up to only me, that is where I would live. We have such dry air here, and when I have been so lucky to visit there the moist air makes my hair and skin fill better the moment I step of the plane.  I would love green trees year round, the leafless trees around here are somewhat depressing.  I'll just have to keep saving to come visit again sometime.


@disillusioned I'd love to switch places. I hate the moist air here… Makes it impossible to feel good for me. XD We have a storm rolling in right now, and with a fan on me I'm finally "comfortable" enough. It's so hot here.

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