How fish can heal the broken heart -

How fish can heal the broken heart

Last night before bed, Elliott made me this paper fish and said that he made it for me so that I could feel better. 

He told me,  remember Daddy, fish is really good for you.

How could I not smile and feel better.  The truth is that at the moment he gave this to me, I was sitting  at the dining room table, in the dark and alone.  I was trying to keep it together but not doing a good job.

Elliott’s gift of fish, was just what I needed to feel better. 

Thank you so much Elliott.  You’re so sweet and I love you so much.  You definitely helped me to feel better.  🙂


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Mary Franzen Costell

Bet that made you want to cry different tears. It does me.


That is super sweet of him! And it proves you that you are doing the best you can, as well as you have a proof that at least one of your children still does care about your well being and loves you with all his heart!


That is adorable.  🙂


That is such a touching story.  Wow.  And what a wonderful way he was able to make use of the dual meanings of "good for you" — that's quite a beautiful thing.


Sometimes our kids(asd) can be amazing and preseptive beyond their years,What a kind thing to do for you,reach out and  touch you,and say in his own way,it will be ok and I need you to be ok . What a sweet boy,you and Lizze are great parents remember that in these difficult times with Gavin. Praying for long term placement for Gavin ,and help and answers for you all .


That is so sweet!


@momof41980 thank you so much. 🙂

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