Operation Hope: Temporary Reprieve

Today is a bittersweet day for me, well for the entire Lost and Tired family. This evening, Gavin will be moving in with his grandparents.  They have agreed to allow Gavin in to live there, for the short term anyway. 


The reason this is taking place is because we need immediate relief and there’s simply no way to know if or when,  funding will come through for residential care.

Lizze and the boys desperately need him out of the house and Gavin will likely do well without all the emotional expectations he has at home. 
In truth, we’re not sure how long this will last before he becomes to much for them. It’s not an if he becomes to much, it’s a when he becomes to much.  We are fully expecting a honeymoon phase to last for awhile but not forever. 

This is going to be difficult on everyone because not only with Gavin not being here be a change but he will also be missed as well. 

His behaviors will not be missed, but he will. Especially by his little brothers. 

I’m praying that this will be enough of a change that the boys can finally relax and no longer live in fear of Gavin’s next tantrum. Tonight however, will probably be difficult for everyone. 
Having said that, sometimes you have to make really difficult decisions in order to do right by everyone.  This is most definitely, one of those times. 

Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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There are no respite options in your state? We get a decent amount of respite, we don't even max it out.


Rob, you're doing it. Dag! No wise words, just know that deep in the Deep Heart of Dixie, someone raised an "air punch" in your honor.


That's wonderful — I hope it lasts longer than expected! 😉  that's awesome his grandparents are doing that.


Thank goodness,you have people in your family that are willing to help out (we on the other hand ,have been away from the kids for a total of 3 days in 26 years) Gavin is going to a place where he is loved ,and will be well taken care of ,you will miss him but you can see him and have some control in when and where and how much the boys have to interact with him, But I would also begin to think of what to do when Gavin will have to come home,Maybe you or Lizze will have to take the younger boys and stay at family while Gavin is at home . If people will help out ,but residing with Gavin and the boys in the same home does not work,Praying that funding comes through soon, hang in there,


We are all pulling for you and hoping that this works for everyone's benefit.  I'm in awe of the grandparents who are pitching in to help out.  It's going to be tough on them, for sure, but they are doing it.  Good for them.  And you and Lizze should feel okay about this, too.  You will miss Gavin, but he will be with family, and he will be with people who love him.  That is such a good outcome, given the other possibilities.