Giveaway/Review: The Talking,Thinking and Feeling Game

Recently I had the unique opportunity to take a look at a really special board game.  I’m not talking about Candyland or Monopoly.

This is a game geared towards special needs children and helping them develop social skills.

The point of the game is pretty straight forward and simple.  You spin the wheel and move accordingly, answering questions and collecting little red chips along the way.

The questions are in 3 different categories, feeling, doing and talking.

The Feelingquestions are geared towards getting the child to better understand feelings. Here’s an example question.

A boy’s mother bought ice cream for his sister but not for him. How did he feel? Why do you think she didn’t buy him any ice cream?


The doingquestions are geared towards towards helping the child to better understand and express emotions and the reasons behind them. Here’s an example question.

Make believe you’re crying. What are you crying about?

The final category, Thinking, is designed to help the child better understand themselves. This is an example of the questions in this category.

A child passes a note to another child. The note says something about you. What does the note say?

I’ll be very honest with you here. When the Lost and Tired family sat down to play this game, we didn’t get very far. The reason for this is because even though the box says ages 2 – 6, these questions were confusing for my kids.

My kids are considered highly intelligent but they really couldn’t wrap their brains around these types of questions.

Having said that, this game would be fantastic in a school or clinical setting. In fact, Gavin explained that he played this exact game while he was in the psychiatric unit of Akron Children’s Hospital.

To me, that makes way more sense than using this in the home environment, especially with younger kids like Elliott and Emmett.

That’s certainly not to say that your child wouldn’t benefit from this at home. It just isn’t ideal for my 2 youngest. Gavin on the other hand, really seemed to enjoy it and is more likely to benefit from it.

Truthfully, I would love to see this game in my kids school.

I could see this being of great benefit, especially in the social skills classes.

I feel that this game has much to offer the right people, in the right environment. It’s just not for us, at home.

However, I will also be hosting a giveaway. The winner will receive their own Talking, Thinking and Feeling Game, direct from Childswork.


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Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Yadda Yadda Yadda! Lol – I just woke up, please forgive me my mistake. I. Want the school to have the game, I truly hope it helps.


@chefaimee that's really nice of you. If your sure that's what you want to do, I'll pass it along. 🙂


Rob, my delivery address is:
Emmett's School
123 Kids I love from afar Street
I hope this helps, XOXOX