Hurricane Sandy caused enough damage in Canton Ohio that there is no school today.  Are you freaking kidding me? WTF

To make matters worse, we hadn’t planned for this and now Gavin will be coming home for the day. 


This has thrust everyone else into chaos and Lizze is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She has been so traumatized by Gavin’s behaviors that the mere thought of him coming  home is to much. 

I don’t know how today is going to go but I’m trying to remain positive so that I can be what everyone needs me to be.

Hopefully, we can pull through this unexpected turn of events.

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This is the most telling piece that you have ever posted about Gavin – by far.  He has been gone for a week, and the possibility of his coming home for a day gives his mother a nervous breakdown.  How heartbreaking for her.  How heartbreaking for him.  I'm so sorry.

Jennifer Lee Bowerma

Our kids can feel our emotions no matter if they are on the spectrum or not, try to stay upbeat and if the kids are home, do something different, make up a fun activity or movie day where you can all watch a funny movie together to keep you and them busy. And lots of love and hugs…but most of all have a calmness in the air and all will be ok.


@Jennifer Lee Bowerman  Great advice. Sometimes easier said than done, but excellent advice. 😉

Mary Franzen Costell

I will pray that Gavin has a good day.


@Mary Franzen Costello thank you. We actually managed to avoid this whole thing a few minutes ago.

Mary Franzen Costell

Perfect picture. Weird that its one of my favorites. Tell Lizzie your followers are thinking of her. Hopefully it will be only a day, or if more, not much. Maybe she could just hide somewhere.

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