We’ve hit a pretty big milestone

When you are a special needs parent, especially to a child with #Autism, you’re used to things like missed milestones. The very nature of #Autism is that of developmental delay.

The Lost and Tired family is no exception to this.

In my family, we miss lots of milestones.  Having said that, we try not to focus on those too much. 

I’ve found over the years that focusing on the milestones missed tends to take our focus off of moving forward. Missed milestones are important, don’t get me wrong.  We just do our best to celebrate all of the milestones we do hit.

Yesterday, Emmett celebrated a pretty big milestone, while not developmental, it’s a milestone nonetheless. 

My little Emmett John has officially outgrown his 5 point harness.  Now we remove the straps and it becomes a booster seat.  We kept him in it for as long as humanly possible but with the addition of his winter coat, he simply no longer hit. 

He met the weight required to move to a booster seat awhile ago, however, the 5 point harness is much safer.

Well congratulations Emmett.  I’m so proud of you for conquering this milestone.  Next thing you know, you’ll be borrowing the car keys.  However, for now, just be a 4 year old who has moved to a booster seat.  🙂

Daddy loves you. 


Rob Gorski

Full time, work from home single Dad to my 3 amazing boys. Oh...and creator fo this blog. :-)
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Yea, Emmett!  So happy for you!  Cheers from the horses, ducks, puppies, and chinchilla!


@Batty thanks

Patrick Toussaint

Grats, Rob – and you're right – celebrate the ones you do hit.  In my view, it's not so important when they hit them, as the fact that they DID hit them.  My boys were a bit late over the years on some, and some they never really hit at all, but it helps to remember and celebrate the positives…it's what keeps you sane! 😀


@Patrick Toussaint thanks. That's the way I choose to approach things.


I know may autistic children who seem to be skinny/underweight and/or with low muscle tone. Is this a common characteristic of autism? If so, does anyone know why?


@Kate I'm not sure about weight but low muscle tone does seem to be pretty common.


Congratulations!  We hit that milestone a few months ago – shortly after DS turned 6!  I was so concerned that he'd un-do the regular seat belt but because he could tell he was moving around a bit in the seat when we drove, that he has kept it buckled!ENJOY the reached milestone, I know I was so proud of our DS !